How To Go From Stuck To Purposeful & Motivated

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Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

You're the one who chooses the life you're living. Will you make that change today?​

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How to Create a Breakthrough for Yourself

Uncover a new method that ridiculously effective & efficient.

The Secret to Success

You only need ONE thing in order to be successful.

The Benefits of Fear

Fear can actually provide useful information!

The Path to Your Goals

You can do it & here's how.

Most People Don't Know How to Actually Create Happiness for Themselves

Secret # 1: Happiness is an Inside job

I'm sure you've heard that happiness comes from within. But what do you actually do with that information?

You may have even tried a couple things like meditation or yoga or therapy. And it hasn't stuck. Where is that clear path?

The Path Forward

I'm here to show you your path to happiness.

I'll give you a hint. It's not getting the right job, the right partner, the right house, etc. Those definitely can make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable. But they aren't your golden ticket.

​Have you ever noticed how something that you absolutely hate, that you feel so uncomfortable in, that other people handle just fine? It's no big deal to them. Yet it's something you want to avoid. These situations are hints to take a deeper look.

​Ultimately, the way to find happiness is by seeing where we aren't happy. Maybe you're happy when you're watching a sunset. But miserable when you're confronted with a difficult conversation or needing to give a presentation. These may seem obvious. Of course you don't want to experience the uncomfortable situation!

​AND what if you could still be happy in that uncomfortable conversation or putting yourself out there? This is where the transformation is. 

Secret # 2: How to get the biggest bang for your buck

Using the Right Tools

In order to be most effective & efficient in creating the life you want to live, you need to choose the right tools. Imagine trying to get a screw in with a hammer. It splinters the wood and takes a lot of effort. You'll get that screw in eventually but that was definitely the hard way.

If you've experienced talk therapy, you may have worked on the same issue for years, getting more and more clear about the issue and where it originated. If you had a really good therapist, you've made some leeway on it & maybe even made significant changes in your life. This is a long, slow process.

​It's much faster to identify the issue, the core beliefs, your memories, etc and actually release them in one session. For big issues, 5 sessions maximum. Welcome to quick & efficient change!

​How you ask? EFT Tapping, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique (who doesn't want to be free of their emotions?), is ridiculously efficient and effective.

The first time I ever experienced tapping, I was completely floored with the amount of transformation I experienced in an hour. I went into this presentation having absolutely no idea what I was about to experience. I had never heard of tapping.

Not only did I completely rewire my brain and thoughts about living out my purpose, but I released the stories that had been passed down in my family for generations.

I had to learn more, so I dove in head first. What else could I tap on? Chronic pain, codependent relationships, fear of trying something new, money, sharing myself on social media. All of a sudden, I was creating a new me. My family started to notice that I was more pleasant to be around. And I thought I was great to be around to begin with! Oops

My friends started asking me what I was doing & if they could have a session with me. I became a better partner, a better lover, a better friend. Not because I was trying. Simply because I was removing the blocks in the way. It was effortless.

So how does EFT work?

It uses a mind-body approach. In order to change a thought, it doesn't work to just think it away. Or to have an inner battle of thoughts, convincing it to stop thinking that way or to think differently. This is why it's so important to work with the mind AND the body. The body stores memories, emotions, and trauma. So when we work with the body too, it allows the emotions and memories to actually release. Completely.

Add in ancient Chinese medicine. Similar to acupuncture, but using tapping instead of needles, we are working with the energy system in the body. Whether you believe in energy or not, it still works. It's like pressing magic buttons on the body that help you to come back into balance.

Secret # 3: Your body Knows The Way

Think back to the caveman days. It wasn't unusual to be chased by an animal and have a near death experience. The caveman version of you would out-run, out-smart, or win a fight with the animal and make it home to tell the tale.

And with all the threat of imminent death, humans weren't living in a constant state of fear and stress. As humans, our bodies are actually designed to be resilient. We just forgot how.

How do we bounce back now? Junk food, alcohol, drugs, social media, tv, workaholism, and overall distraction & numbing. The issue though is that it doesn't actually work. Which is why we keep compulsively doing these behaviors.

​There's a part of you that knows that these don't work, which is why you're reading this now.

​So what's the answer?

​A combination of things. Ironically, the behaviors that help to get our systems into a state of calm tend to be judged in the society we live in.

​Let's go back to the land of lions and antelope. When an antelope gets chased by a hungry lion, it goes into fight/flight/freeze based on what would help it survive. The antelope goes into a state of survival and terror. But if the lion doesn't catch the antelope, it doesn't spend the rest of its life in terror. Guess what it does? Its entire body will shake. Any remaining energy and tension that was being used to escape the lion shakes out of the body. The antelope is then back in a state of calm.

But when was the last time you saw someone shaking it out in the grocery store? This is just weird today. So our bodies have been keeping in the stress instead of releasing it.

And even stranger, our brains are still designed for caveman times. Instead of running away from lions, our survival is actually tied to being loved and approved of by our family. Belonging ensures meant that we got fed and had shelter. So these days, our survival threats aren't as simple as lions and tigers.

So shaking it off does wonders. If you feel inspired, try it out for 2 minutes. Put on an energizing song and shake every part of your body, bounce up and down, move it all (careful of the neck though). Notice how you feel after.

BUT because today's survival experiences are more complicated and relationship focused, it's not as simple as just shaking it off. It definitely helps, but there's a bit more.

Secret # 4: Your Memories Hold the Keys to Your Success

Have you ever been around someone senile or with Alzheimer's? They tend to tell the same stories again and again and again.

​Those stories keep looping inside of them. Maybe it was a sad story. Or a time of their greatness or an accomplishment. They keep reliving it on repeat.

​We keep reliving stories too. It's just that our stories may be a bit more subtle and we aren't constantly saying them out loud. These stories sometimes are ones we want to be acknowledged for. For someone to say that they are proud.
​Other times, more sinister. 

​You may have stories on repeat that you aren't even aware of. That it's just normal that people always look to you for the answers. Or that when it comes to conflict, it's better to just back down than share your perspective. Or that it's easier to get along with your cat/dog than humans. Whatever your "normal" experience is, it all started with a pivotal memory. That memory created a belief within you, such as "I'm smart" or "I'm stupid" or "No one cares about me" or "I can't rely on anyone except me". The list goes on.

​These beliefs keep getting reinforced throughout our lives. This is called "cognitive bias", where your experiences and perception keep proving the beliefs correct. Sometimes they can be really helpful, such as "I'm smart" or "I can figure it out" or "I am good with money". You want to keep those since they're still serving you. Other times, these beliefs can be debilitating. That's when it's time for change.

Story Time! When I was a kid, most times that I had strong emotions, I was sent to my room for time-outs. If anger came up, "Go to your room". Sadness or complaining,  "Go to your room". I soon learned that if I had negative emotions that I would get banished to my room. So the belief that I took on about myself was "I will be rejected for my negative emotions". 

If I were someone else in that same exact scenario, I may have taken on a different belief. But that was the one I created. So I continued the next 27 years believing that others would reject me for my emotions. I did everything that I could to hide them and pretend I was okay. When the emotions did come up, my story was "See! I'm being rejected for my feelings."

Working with those key memories allowed me to see that emotional intimacy with others actually strengthens my relationships (instead of isolating me). That my emotions show me what's out of alignment for me. And they show me opportunities for growth. They're one of my superpowers now. 

Secret # 5: this Can Transform Every Aspect of Your Life

Whether you're focusing on feeling fulfilled in your work, building a passionate love relationship, being an incredible parent, or creating a thriving community of friends, each of these accomplishments are connected.

Even when it seems like one area of our life is isolated from the rest, it has a ripple effect on other aspects. Becoming a better parent will also improve your relationships with your partner, friends, and coworkers. It might increase your productivity and enjoyment at work. It might increase your emotional stability. Take any goal or aspiration and the same applies. Hence the saying "A rising tide lifts all boats". When one area improves, they all do.

A client story: My client had $10 to her name. She was in LA and couldn't even afford to travel across the city. She was in paralyzing fear. Unsure what else to do, she went home to her small town family. She did everything that she could to make money-  She worked at the trailer park she was living in, she worked at a local shop downtown, she helped out her family. She looked at her limiting beliefs around money, released old stories, and created new ones. Soon she started holding workshops in the shop she was working in. She became a part owner of the store, and she moved in with her new loving partner into a beautiful apartment. She went from feeling like she had absolutely no resources to financial abundance, an exciting career, an incredible love relationship, and a beautiful community.

Lucky for you, you don't need to hit rock bottom to have a breakthrough into the life you want to live. Even if you don't even know what that life looks like yet!

All you need to do today is to say yes to your future, who you want to become, and the life that you want to live. ​Take a moment to really feel into it. What if this could be your new normal instead of just a dream? I invite you to take that step forward today.

So you may be thinking, why Do I need This? 

Think of the last time that you were angry because you were protecting someone you deeply care about or protecting yourself. That anger was alerting you to something that wasn't right. That a boundary was crossed, that it was unjust, that it wasn't okay.

When we allow our emotions to be tools instead of uncomfortable sensations to avoid or push down,  life goes a lot more smoothly. When we are aware of our emotions, they tell us when something isn't right or we need to address something. EVEN BETTER, emotions also show us what makes us happy and fulfilled. They can help point us to healthier relationships, more fulfilling careers, and living life fully.

Now imagine, knowing how to work with every emotion that comes up. Not needing to distract, numb, or blame someone else, but actually using your emotions to your benefit. When fear arises, knowing if it is because you're about to move to your next level & it's new, or if it's warning you about danger (like that person you knew right away was bad for you).​

​Ready for the next level? Knowing how to set yourself free from old emotions and the beliefs of "I have to work hard to be loved & appreciated" or "I'm not good enough". That little voice in the back of your mind saying "I can't do this" or "What would they think?". Imagine if you could actually set yourself free from these thoughts. How would that impact your work? Your relationships? Your happiness? 

what people are saying


“My work with Tracy has been transformational and has provided me with insights about myself and greater freedom to operate from a more neurologically balanced space. I have come to trust her intuition, insights, direction, and intentions. I highly recommend her as a healing arts practitioner.”

- EK

Top Tier

“Tracy is an exceptional healer & space holder. She has helped me uncover very old limiting beliefs and shame that I wasn't aware of around my relationship patterns and sexuality. I have been investing In coaches & healers for a decade and her sessions are truly top tier. As a coach myself, I only invest my time and money in other healers I feel can take me deeper than I take myself.

I would recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking to accept and love themselves on every level possible!!!”

- HS

Life Changing

“Tracy holds beautiful healing space with love, grace, and humor. I felt very safe to be vulnerable with her. I highly recommend booking a session or a series with Tracy to see your life change."



“I released lots of stored trauma and felt high embodiment of my energetic body like never before.”

- MK


“Working with Tracy has been an honor. She is a true light worker who embodies a powerful healing energy. Tracy created a safe space that I could trust and helped me release deep childhood traumas- I saw immediate results and will go back for more.”

- JL


“Our session was so deep and powerful! I felt such strong resistance and knew that meant I wasn’t going to be able to hide from Tracy's devoted presence. It was exactly the accountability I needed to go deeper then I would go by myself.”

- CM

Then vs. Now

Meet Tracy


In this picture, I was working in finance, in a committed 5 year relationship, living with friends, and I was miserable. I had done everything that I was supposed to and it still wasn't making me happy. This wasn't how life was supposed to go, and I had no idea how to change it. I began looking for the "answers" everywhere I could- some places were transformative & others not so much.

Fast forward 10 years, I can confidently say that I feel alive, vibrant, and purposeful.

I'm here to show you the way so that you can skip those 10 years of trial & error. 

A Taste of the Experience

EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT Tapping is a self-healing, relaxation technique that combines Chinese medicine, Western psychology, breath work, and affirmations. It uses the acupuncture meridians to stimulate electrical flow through the body and remove blocks.

​​​EFT rewires your brain, increases mood by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), increases immunity, and enhances mental cognition.

Meditation & Visualization

Your inner landscape contains unlimited answers and insights. Together, we will explore your inner world, deepening your intuition, confidence, and providing the answers you've been seeking.

Tantric Practices

Tantra is a way of life in which everything is sacred. When you embrace your current experience fully, it facilitates presence. We will bring your awareness to your breath, the energy moving in your body and around you. As you accept your inner & outer worlds more deeply, this creates momentous change.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)/ Parts Work

​​You’ll deepen your understanding and acceptance of your inner landscape through getting to know different aspects of you. Ultimately, this is the pathway to wholeness. When you “reparent” yourself, meeting your needs and bringing compassion to that younger version of you, this gives us the opportunity to create a new belief system & way of thinking.

Somatic Release

In order to use a mind-body-spirit approach, somatic release can be an incredible way to work with the body. When a traumatic event happens (an experience that was too big for you to handle in the moment), traumatic memories can get trapped in the physical body and lead to symptoms long after the event is over. By becoming more aware of sensations in the body, we can work with these memories even if it's not present in the conscious mind.
Somatic release can add an element of silliness & fun, which adds to the transformation!​

The Path to
Getting Your Energy Back

Best of all. you don't need to do this alone.

In fact, working with someone who has already been down this path can show you the way AND save you time.
Why reinvent the wheel?

What To Expect in a Session:

Uncovering The Root Cause of Your Low Energy

This is way beyond anything you've experienced in therapy. We will dive into the core memory or belief system and actually resolve it in one session.

Clearing the Issue

You will gently let go of the issue entirely. From the beliefs to the emotions, you will be setting yourself free from this pattern & way of being. For very large lifetime issues, we may clear it in just one session! If not, you'll be given resources & additional support.

A Gentle Exploration

Whether you have been in therapy, practice meditation, or if this is completely new to you, this will be a fun exploration into what's true for you. You get to be honest with yourself and you don't need to hold anything back. All of you is welcome. 

Feel Lighter with More Energy

At the end of the session, you feel feel so much lighter, more empowered, free, and energized! You will feel ready to make necessary changes in your life (even if you weren't aware of them before!)

These sessions will be offered just this month for a single session! After July 15th, working with Tracy is only for longer term clients.

Inside This FREE Presentation You'll Learn:

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01:37 – How Dan Henry started using THIS exact webinar strategy to pay off his huge IRS bill.


17:12 – The exact stories you SHOULD use inside of your webinar to convert your audience into buyers.


44:05 – How Dan's client went from charging $1,500 to charging $1-$3 MILLION dollar contracts.


Watch the end of this video to get Dan's funnel installed directly into your ClickFunnels account.

Still Not Sure?

Let these Scientific Studies Tickle Your Fancy:

Self Awareness: Introspection & self reflection lead to understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations

  • Study findings: Self-awareness leads to better team engagement and communication. Self-aware employees perform better and get more promotions.
  • Source: Eurich, T. (2018). "What Self-Awareness Really Is (And How to Cultivate It)." Harvard Business Review.

Emotional Intelligence: This is developed by exploring and understanding your emotions, which enhances social skills, leadership abilities, and team collaboration (and deepens relationships in every area of your life!)

  • Study findings: Emotional intelligence (EI) is directly correlated with professional success. High EI leads to better leadership, team performance, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Source: Goleman, D. (1995). Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

Lower Stress & Anxiety: ie. lower levels of cortisol in the body (the stress hormone), meaning that you have more energy & emotional stability.

  • Study findings: EFT facilitated improved emotional regulation and performance during high-pressure situations. Participants using EFT reported increased emotional intelligence, including better management of anxiety and stress.
  • Source: Boath, E., Stewart, A., & Carryer, A. (2013). "Tapping for interviews: using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to reduce anxiety and stress in social work job interviews." Social Work Education.

Creativity & Innovation: Bringing curiosity to your emotions & releasing them creates space for insights and revelations and creative ideas that you're excited about. It also increases open-mindedness.

  • Study findings: EFT sessions led to a marked increase in innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Employees who practiced EFT reported enhanced creativity and open-mindedness.
  • Source: Rowe, J. E. (2005). "The effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques on emotional states and perceived effectiveness of training amongst corporate employees." PhD Dissertation, University of Plymouth.

Resilience: By navigating your inner world, you build trust in yourself to get through anything. 

  • Study findings: Participants reported better coping mechanisms and emotional stability post-intervention. EFT showed a significant reduction in anxiety and improvement in resilience.
  • Source: Clond, M. (2016). "Emotional Freedom Techniques for anxiety: A systematic review with meta-analysis." The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.

Work-Life Balance: By prioritizing your values & commitments and releasing the reasons why you can't, you can create balance in your life.

  • Study findings: Practices aimed at improving work-life balance lead to better job performance and satisfaction. Work-life conflict is correlated with lower job satisfaction and higher burnout.
  • Source: Allen, T. D., Herst, D. E., et al. (2000). "Consequences associated with work-to-family conflict: a review and agenda for future research." Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Better Decision Making: With emotional awareness, you have the ability to make decisions from a clear place rather than through fear or confusion.

  • Study findings: Participants made more rational and emotionally balanced decisions following EFT sessions. EFT was shown to enhance cognitive performance and clarity.
  • Source: Feinstein, D. (2009). "Facts, paradigms, and anomalies in the acceptance of Energy Psychology: A rejoinder to McCaslin's (2009)." Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment.

Leadership Qualities: Inner work fosters qualities such as empathy, integrity, and authenticity, which are essential for effective leadership.

  • Study findings: EFT practices led to higher levels of empathy and effective communication skills, crucial for leadership. Leaders using EFT exhibited improved confidence and emotional control in public speaking.
  • Source: Stapleton, P., Crighton, G., Sabot, D., & McSweeney, K. (2016). "The effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques in reducing public speaking anxiety: A randomized controlled trial." Energy Psychology Journal.


90 Minute Transformative 1:1 Virtual Session


Tracy Caldwell is a dual certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, impacting 170+ clients.



WHat Happens when 
You Click the Button? 

If you're really curious about what's next... 

You'll be brought to a form asking you for your contact information & what you're looking to accomplish in our session.

​​Then you'll choose the perfect time for you based on your schedule for the 90 minute session.

Once you choose your date, You will pay $500 with a credit card.

You'll receive a confirmation email with tips for the session & a calendar invite.

In the session, Tracy will familiarize you with what you'll be doing, and guide you into the session, which is tailored exactly for you. You will experience EFT Tapping and any other modalities to serve you.

You'll come out of the session feeling lighter, more energized, and positive about your future.


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Take the cosmic stage, embrace the celestial choreography of creation.

Embark on the cosmic quest, sculpting the digital realm. You've gazed upon the stars, seen patterns emerge.

REASON #1: Take the cosmic stage, embrace the celestial choreography of creation. Dissect and replay the ethereal "game tape," unraveling triumphs and missteps alike.

REASON #2: Take the cosmic stage, embrace the celestial choreography of creation. Dissect and replay the ethereal "game tape," unraveling triumphs and missteps alike.

...And INSTANTLY Unlock Over $7,748 Worth Of Marketing Secrets To Help You “Kick-Start” YOUR FIRST BUSINESS And Start Generating Leads (That Turn Into Sales) Practically Overnight!

Why Time Is Off The Essence...

Urgent cosmic proclamation: This offer exists within the boundaries of an exceedingly brief cosmic window.

As mentioned before, I'm extending my cosmic invitation to a select group of cosmic wayfarers, those propelled by unquenchable cosmic fire to "enter the game" and construct their inaugural funnel.


1.) The cosmic scrolls reveal that less than 1,000 tangible manifestations of my '30 Days' Book and my Funnel Hacker Cookbook remain in the cosmic treasury. Though replenishment is an option, a cosmic lag exists, involving extended intervals for both cosmic dispatch and parchment imprinting.

2.) Behold, the cosmic winds whisper: the temporal window to secure this unparalleled FREE GIFT approaches its celestial curtain call... This wondrous gift, a 30-day odyssey of cosmic exploration paired with step-by-step guidance from my virtuoso architects of cosmic realms and cosmic marketers, an opulence typically valued in the cosmic realm of thousands of dollars, is on the verge of dissipating, like stardust dispersing into the cosmic ether.

Just Say “MAYBE”,

And This Gift Is Yours…For FREE!

The splendor of this celestial offering lies in its liberating essence! No cosmic vows or proclamations of "YES!" are required of you in this cosmic moment...

All that beckons from you is a simple utterance of "MAYBE."

"Perhaps I'll embark upon this odyssey..."

"Maybe the cosmic winds shall carry me to new horizons..."

"Maybe the moment has arrived to sculpt my destiny and reshape my cosmic tapestry..."

"Perhaps the blueprint to my cosmic metamorphosis rests in the construction of my first cosmic funnel..."

Do you sense the resonance of readiness within you? Are you prepared to intone the cosmic incantation of "MAYBE," igniting the cosmic forces that shall bestow upon you this wondrous GIFT?

With That Said,

Here’s What To Do Next...

From this juncture, the cosmic pathways converge toward the finalization of your cosmic coordinates, as they shall guide the delivery of your sacred GIFT!

Behold, with a simple touch or tap upon the verdant button below, your cosmic choice shall be recorded, your cosmic desires inscribed. Select your cosmic size for the FREE funnel hacker t-shirt, and let the cosmic ballet commence!

Upon your celestial signing, the doors of digital bounty shall swing open wide, revealing a cosmic panorama of your digital treasures. You shall also be extended an invitation to our sacred chamber of wisdom, a private enclave nestled within the cosmic realm of Facebook.

And as you stand on the precipice of your cosmic dawn, remember—this is your destined moment, your cosmic hour to transcend. The cosmic clock has struck, beckoning you to "get in the game" and unfurl your inaugural funnel, a symphony of cosmic creation that shall resound through the ages.

I hereby pledge...

Once your cosmic creation takes flight, you shall exude the brilliance of a cosmic luminary. It may sound whimsical, but the truth echoes—there is no feeling quite like it...

Yearn to embrace the cosmic awakening of a flourishing online empire, and know that it ignites when YOU take that celestial leap. Our paths shall converge within the training realm.

May cosmic success be your ever-present constellation,
Russell Doe

  • Your Product Name (Value $997)
  • Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • ​Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • ​Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • ​Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)

Total Value: $3,482


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results with the program?

In the cosmic dance of progress, timelines can vary greatly. While some cosmic voyagers have glimpsed cosmic sparks within days, others have traversed several cosmic cycles before witnessing the crescendo of their efforts.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our cosmic odyssey is tailored to both cosmic newcomers and seasoned cosmic explorers alike. Our cosmic guides illuminate the pathways regardless of your cosmic familiarity.

What if I encounter challenges along the way?

The cosmic journey is strewn with challenges like stardust. Fear not, for our cosmic mentors are attuned to the cosmic rhythms, ready to assist you in unraveling any cosmic conundrums that may arise.

Can I access the materials after the program ends?

Indeed, once you've embarked upon this cosmic quest, the treasures bestowed are yours to keep. The cosmic scrolls remain open for your cosmic perusal even after the final curtain call.

Are there any additional costs involved?

While the cosmic entry is gift-wrapped and complete, your cosmic expedition may encounter optional cosmic add-ons. However, the core of your cosmic journey remains unburdened by hidden cosmic costs.