What if Intimacy Could be Easy?

Today it's common to feel alone in a room of people.
While this has become "normal", this doesn't have to be your normal. 
Feeling truly relaxed around another person, feeling connected and that they KNOW YOU. That you are celebrated in all parts of you- from your vengeful rage, to the weak & victimized part, to the part that is powerful & in command.

Being truly seen, celebrated, wanted, accepted for all of you can be your new normal. Not only is the possible, but the path has already been paved for you.

Your next step awaits.

Deepening Connection

More than just personal growth, this is the journey of coming home to your body and feeling fully alive again.

Meet Tracy. As your guide, she builds a relationship of trust and safety with you so that you can expand and allow true intimacy. This is a space of honesty and openness. She provides the practices and philosophies to rewire your experience of intimacy.



“My work with Tracy has been transformational and has provided me with insights about myself and greater freedom to operate from a more neurologically balanced space. I have come to trust her intuition, insights, direction, and intentions. I highly recommend her as a healing arts practitioner.”

- EK

Top Tier

“Tracy is an exceptional healer & space holder. She has helped me uncover very old limiting beliefs and shame that I wasn't aware of around my relationship patterns and sexuality. I have been investing In coaches & healers for a decade and her sessions are truly top tier. As a coach myself, I only invest my time and money in other healers I feel can take me deeper than I take myself.

I would recommend Tracy to anyone who is looking to accept and love themselves on every level possible!!!”

- HS

Life Changing

“Tracy holds beautiful healing space with love, grace, and humor. I felt very safe to be vulnerable with her. I highly recommend booking a session or a series with Tracy to see your life change."



“I released lots of stored trauma and felt high embodiment of my energetic body like never before.”

- MK


“Working with Tracy has been an honor. She is a true light worker who embodies a powerful healing energy. Tracy created a safe space that I could trust and helped me release deep childhood traumas- I saw immediate results and will go back for more.”

- JL


“Our session was so deep and powerful! I felt such strong resistance and knew that meant I wasn’t going to be able to hide from Tracy's devoted presence. It was exactly the accountability I needed to go deeper then I would go by myself.”

- CM

Your Journey Begins Today

In order to create intimacy with others, you get to create intimacy with yourself. This exploration of yourself will allow you to better understand and interact with lovers, partners, relationships. And the best part of it all is that it gets to be fun, playful, and even magical.

What to expect:

  • ​​Direct immersion into​ tantric & energetic practices
  • Transmute pain ​and limiting beliefs into freedom & inspiration
  • Access your life force through breath, movement, & pleasure
  • Uncover your authentic self that secretly you've always known
  • ​Experience practices & modalities that are tailored to you

Deep breath

Here are the details:

Our workplay together is a ceremony. It is an honor to hold you on on your journey of exploration. As such, I deeply love & respect your transformation into your truest self and deep intimacy with yourself & others.​

Your Transformation Awaits

1:1 Sessions Every Week 

Your transformation is inevitable. With guidance, support, and practices, the momentous change in your life will feel natural and gentle. As a caterpillar emerging into a butterfly, you will emerge on the other side of this container with a completely new perception of this reality, your role, and who you are. It is time for you to move mountains with ease.

Take the Easy Path

Guided Transmission

In our workplay together, you will step away with the gifts gleaned from countless mentors & coaches, immersions, retreats, courses, initiations, ceremonies, education, emotional volatility, dissociation and numbness, and near death. You get to receive this wisdom through direct transmission, and even better, you get to skip the painful bits.​

This is FUN

Play, Curiosity, and Co-Creation

The foundation of work together is PLAY! This experience gets to be fun for you and me, while creating deeper intimacy with yourself and others the whole time. You are the leader of your life experience, and as such, our work together is an extension of that. Not only are you creating the experiences you desire on a conscious or subconscious level, we get to co-create the ideas that come alive between us. 

Why is this for You?

You are ready for life-changing transformation on the inside and out. You are ready to live intimately connected to yourself and your loved ones. You are no longer settling for mediocrity in relationship. Your standards are too high for settling or letting go of your highest evolution.

You are driven; you will not quit until you achieve your goals. 

Your vision WILL become a reality & you will do what it takes. 

When it comes to relationship, you know there's more. You may have tried a couple new things. And it's not cutting it. So you came here.

It's time to allow yourself to be guided into this next level of relationship. It gets to be easy and gentle and fun.
Will you let yourself take the direct path?


A Taste of the Experience

Tantric Practices

Tantra is a way of life in which everything is sacred. When you embrace your current experience fully, it facilitates presence. We will bring your awareness to your breath, the energy moving in your body and around you. As you accept your inner & outer worlds more deeply, this creates momentous change.

Parts Work/Inner Child Work

​​You’ll deepen your understanding and acceptance of your inner landscape through getting to know different aspects of you. Ultimately, this is the pathway to wholeness. When you “reparent” yourself, meeting your needs and bringing compassion to that younger version of you, this gives us the opportunity to create a new belief system & way of thinking.


Your inner landscape contains unlimited answers and insights. Together, we will explore your inner world, deepening your intuition, confidence, and providing the answers you've been seeking.

EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT Tapping is a self-healing, relaxation technique that combines Chinese medicine, Western psychology, breath work, and affirmations. It uses the acupuncture meridians to stimulate electrical flow through the body and remove blocks.

​​EFT rewires your brain, increases mood by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), increases immunity, and enhances mental cognition.


One of the best ways to facilitate transformation is through play. Play has no goal or desired outcome; there is no right or wrong. It is pure exploration and unknown. This is where the juice to your transformation lies. Unlike other modalities, there is no set way to play. It requires deep listening, attunement, and silliness.
​Because it allows for the unknown, play is the foundation of our practice together.  Our exploration together will uncover aspects that you were unaware of and bring healing to lifelong traumas and patterns.

Your Immersive: What You'll Get

Your experience will be specifically tailored to you. AND to get an idea of what our work together may look like, we will explore the following:

  • ​Presence: We will bring your awareness into your body, bringing you into your sensations, breath, and energy. The more that you access the sensations within your body, the more you'll have access to pleasure and deep intimacy with yourself & others.
  • Activating Your Life Force: Using breathwork, movement, and somatic exploration, you'll clear old emotions & stories and activate your inherent life force. This life force energy will show up as passion in your relationships.
  • Intuition: You'll learn to attune to your body's messages by listening to your body's subtle & not-so-subtle sensations. Accessing your body's wisdom can unlock unbelievable transformation & understanding of yourself and others.
  • ​Peace: Your understanding of yourself will deepen, allowing you to navigate social and romantic situations with ease and confidence. You will bring a deeper level of acceptance and trust to every interaction. Internally, you will feel harmonious, allowing yourself to make decisions & navigate conflicts with ease.

Meet Your Guide

As a deeply sensuous being, Tracy experiences life through touch and energy. She wants to get down and dirty - literally on the Earth- to experience all perspectives, touching the leaves, the soil, the wind over her skin, the simple wonder of life. This is a remembrance.


  • EFT Tapping Practitioner Training at the Sophia School of Living Arts in 2022 & re-certified in 2023
  • ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) in 2023
  • Ecstatic Hearts Tantra 1 & Sexual Empowerment 2024 & 2023
  • Berkeley Psychic Institute via mentor in 2020
  • Full-time Self-Discovery Journey 2018-2023

How Do I Sign Up?

Once you fill out the application, Tracy will get back to you within a week to schedule an introductory coaching call to see if you are a good fit for this work. If it's aligned, you get to dive right in!

Today is just the beginning!
You are being called forward

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